Women In STEM — Examining The Inflection Points In STEM Careers

Diana Murgulet, Data Scientist, Viktoriia Oliinyk, Data Scientist, QuantumBlack With contributions from Helen Mullings, Head of People, Rashida Kanchwala, Software Developer and Helen Mayhew, COO, QuantumBlack

Helen Mullings at Women Transforming Tech event

Rashida Kanchwala, Software Developer

Rashida and her work from home set-up

Helen Mullings, Head of People

I studied Chemical Engineering at university but soon after graduating realised that hands-on engineering did not interest me. I joined the oil industry in the supply-trading function, where I enjoyed eight years of interesting, challenging work until the arrival of my first child when it became clear that this ‘man’s world’ was not ready to adapt to the needs of a new mother.

Helen Mayhew, COO

Despite performing well at maths in school, I did not pursue it at university. I thought the subject was too academic and didn’t see its practical applications. I decided to study law, as I wanted to do something that has real-life impact. My father was a lawyer and I could see the difference his work was making — although he was unhappy with my choice of degree, saying I would waste my STEM talent.

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