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It is often easy to not notice when documentation is written well — but glaringly obvious when it is written poorly. This is particularly true in advanced analytics — accessible, coherent documentation is a crucial asset for teams working with complex and technical subject matter.

Moreover, many practitioners may find themselves working to implement analytic solutions across a variety of different industries, from insurance and banking to pharmaceuticals. …

Katherine Shenton, Head of Marketing, QuantumBlack

CogX: The Festival of AI is back and is taking place from 14 June to 16 June. We’re excited that for the fourth year running, QuantumBlack and McKinsey & Company, will be part of the event and involved in a variety of panel discussions and sessions.

CogX 2021, which takes place in London, will be among the first large-scale conferences to take place as a hybrid event, offering the option to attend sessions virtually while also providing physical venue space for in-person visitors. We anticipate we’ll see more events take place in hybrid form…

Lorena Balan, Software Engineer; Jo Stichbury, Technical Editor; Rory Walsh, Head of Engineering, QuantumBlack

How do you maintain a culture of experimentation when nobody can be in the same room? We often equate creativity with the image of group brainstorms or colleagues collaborating and bouncing ideas off one another. As we all know too well this is temporarily impossible and for teams that rely on constant, collaborative innovation, this has proven to be a challenge.

At QuantumBlack we benefit from being part of a leading global organisation, while retaining the autonomy to thrive in a fast-paced tech culture commonly found…

Dan Feldman, Design Director, McKinsey, Sydney; Maksud Ibrahimov, Jr Principal Data Scientist, QuantumBlack, Melbourne; Justin Hevey, Expert Designer, McKinsey, Sydney; Cris Cunha, Partner, QuantumBlack, Perth and James Deighton, Partner, McKinsey, Melbourne

This is the final part of our three-part series, Exploring The Intersection Of Design & Advanced Analytics. Earlier articles examined the reasons why advanced analytics projects fail and honed in on one factor in particular, highlighting the need for collaboration between data scientists and designers. In this article we will provide practical advice on how multidisciplinary teams can thrive together throughout a project’s lifecycle.

Unlocking the value of analytics…

Learn about upcoming community features and join us for our first Kedro meetup!

Image by the Preiser Project on Flickr (CC BY 2.0)

Kedro will be soon be on Discord and GitHub Discussions. We have a Kedro Community Update happening on the 17th of June. An upcoming release of Kedro will introduce telemetry with opt-in product usage analytics.

The Kedro community will soon be on Discord and GitHub Discussions

We are making some changes to the channels we are using as a community to interact with each other. Kedroids have previously used Discourse or Stack Overflow to ask and answer questions. Our two upcoming changes include a singular forum for questions and the introduction of a new online location for the community to hang out. …

Paul Beaumont, Data Scientist, Hiep Nguyen, Data Scientist, Philip Pilgerstorfer, Data Scientist, Zain Patel, Software Engineer, QuantumBlack

CausalNex is an open source Python library that helps data scientists and domain experts to co-develop models that go beyond correlation and consider causal relationships. CausalNex provides a practical ‘what if’ library, deployed to test scenarios using Bayesian Networks (BNs), interpretable, graphical models.

Since our first release in January 2020, CausalNex has been well received by the community and we are very grateful to everyone who has helped us reach the 1,000 “GitHub stars” milestone. Community input has been crucial in the library’s…

Sam Hiscox, Data Engineer, Balazs Konig, Data Engineer, QuantumBlack

Machine learning, data science, MLOps, deep learning — these disciplines are enabling organisations of every size, from startup to industry titan, to drive greater value. Scaling the impact of analytics technology will remain a major business priority for years to come and, with such enormous amounts of data involved, much of the heavy lifting around scalability will fall to data engineers.

These practitioners will be responsible for deciding what data is useful and what is superfluous, transforming the relevant digital information into fuel for algorithms and ensuring the process is future-proofed…

Thomas Essl, Jr. Principal Product Designer; Maren Eckhoff, Principal Data Scientist; Jessica Fan, Principal Product Manager; Roxanne Zhang, Consultant Data Scientist, QuantumBlack

At QuantumBlack, we are excited to launch Analytics for Social Good, our pro-bono initiative bringing the best of people, processes and technology to create social and global good.

We would like to invite local UK non-profit organisations to partner with us. If you work towards social or global good, we would love to hear from you and discuss how our expertise in advanced analytics and building digital products can help you scale. …

Matt McDevitt, COO, QuantumBlack Japan; Raymond Chan, Partner, Minyoung Kim, Partner, Tomoko Nagatani, Capabilities & Insights Specialist, Jan van Overbeeke, Partner, McKinsey & Company

The work of the medical science liaison (MSL) is becoming increasingly important in the pharma industry thanks to the critical role they play, independent of commercial activities. These personnel sit at the heart of pharma’s web of stakeholders and technical experts, acting as a conduit through which medical and scientific information can be exchanged with key opinion leaders (KOLs). …

Diana Murgulet, Data Scientist, Viktoriia Oliinyk, Data Scientist, Roxana Pamfil, Data Scientist, Yusra Ibrahim, Machine Learning Engineer, QuantumBlack

In this final instalment of our series, exploring the various ways colleagues pursued STEM careers, we hear from our peers who have been guided, advised and supported by those around them.

A supportive network, whether this involves family, friends or mentors in academia or professional life, can have a significant influence on someone’s trajectory through life. As we can see from the anecdotes below, this support can range from decisive counsel about a specific issue to general encouragement and reassurance.

Roxana — Data Scientist

Pursuing a…

QuantumBlack, a McKinsey company

An advanced analytics firm operating at the intersection of strategy, technology and design. www.quantumblack.com @quantumblack

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