Sam Hiscox, Data Engineer, Balazs Konig, Data Engineer, QuantumBlack

Machine learning, data science, MLOps, deep learning — these disciplines are enabling organisations of every size, from startup to industry titan, to drive greater value. Scaling the impact of analytics technology will remain a major business priority for years to come and, with such enormous amounts of data involved, much of the heavy lifting around scalability will fall to data engineers.

These practitioners will be responsible for deciding what data is useful and what is superfluous, transforming the relevant digital information into fuel for algorithms and ensuring the process is future-proofed…

Thomas Essl, Jr. Principal Product Designer; Maren Eckhoff, Principal Data Scientist; Jessica Fan, Principal Product Manager; Roxanne Zhang, Consultant Data Scientist, QuantumBlack

At QuantumBlack, we are excited to launch Analytics for Social Good, our pro-bono initiative bringing the best of people, processes and technology to create social and global good.

We would like to invite local UK non-profit organisations to partner with us. If you work towards social or global good, we would love to hear from you and discuss how our expertise in advanced analytics and building digital products can help you scale. …

Matt McDevitt, COO, QuantumBlack Japan; Raymond Chan, Partner, Minyoung Kim, Partner, Tomoko Nagatani, Capabilities & Insights Specialist, Jan van Overbeeke, Partner, McKinsey & Company

The work of the medical science liaison (MSL) is becoming increasingly important in the pharma industry thanks to the critical role they play, independent of commercial activities. These personnel sit at the heart of pharma’s web of stakeholders and technical experts, acting as a conduit through which medical and scientific information can be exchanged with key opinion leaders (KOLs). …

Diana Murgulet, Data Scientist, Viktoriia Oliinyk, Data Scientist, Roxana Pamfil, Data Scientist, Yusra Ibrahim, Machine Learning Engineer, QuantumBlack

In this final instalment of our series, exploring the various ways colleagues pursued STEM careers, we hear from our peers who have been guided, advised and supported by those around them.

A supportive network, whether this involves family, friends or mentors in academia or professional life, can have a significant influence on someone’s trajectory through life. As we can see from the anecdotes below, this support can range from decisive counsel about a specific issue to general encouragement and reassurance.

Roxana — Data Scientist

Pursuing a…

Alison O’Connor, Data Scientist, Huong Nguyen, Front End Engineer, Valentina Sartori, Partner, QuantumBlack

In this second article in a series exploring the various ways colleagues pursued a career in STEM, we examine the role that chance plays in determining careers. It is often useful to assess how significant luck has been in our own key career moves — and whether we have remained open to new opportunities or watched potentially decisive moments pass us by without consideration.

Many women join a STEM path later in education or career, having been put off initially or interested in other areas, and turning…

The Kedro team and Astronomer have released Kedro-Airflow 0.4.0 to help you develop modular, maintainable & reproducible code with orchestration superpowers!

“Silver iMac Displaying Collage Photos” (with edit) by Designecologist License

Ivan Danov (Tech Lead at Kedro), Lim Hoang (Senior Software Engineer at Kedro) and Yetunde Dada (Product Manager of Kedro) recently interviewed Pete DeJoy (Product Manager at Astronomer). Here they explain more about Kedro-Airflow 0.4.0 and what they learned about the future of Airflow.

Kedro is an open-source Python framework for creating reproducible, maintainable, and modular data science code. Its focus is on authoring code and not orchestrating, scheduling and monitoring pipeline runs. We emphasise infrastructure independence, and this is crucial for consultancies such as QuantumBlack, where Kedro was born.

Kedro is not an orchestrator. It aims to stay very…

Diana Murgulet, Data Scientist, Viktoriia Oliinyk, Data Scientist, QuantumBlack With contributions from Helen Mullings, Head of People, Rashida Kanchwala, Software Developer and Helen Mayhew, COO, QuantumBlack

Helen Mullings at Women Transforming Tech event

Across the world there are promising signs that women are playing a larger role in the STEM workforce. Women now account for more than a third of STEM jobs across a significant number of regions, including Central Asia (48%), Latin American and the Caribbean (45%) and Central and Eastern Europe (39%). Last year UK campaigners celebrated a key milestone in the journey for parity in STEM — for the first time ever, more than…

Wojtek Krok, Head of QuantumBlack South East Asia, Lukasz Gaweda, Engagement Manager, QuantumBlack, Piotr Roszkowski, Engagement Manager, QuantumBlack, Tomasz Zamacinski, Junior Principal, QuantumBlack

Recommendation engines are commonplace today. Tailoring product suggestions to a user’s preferences can be found across a range of industries, from video streaming to online fashion retail. However, adoption remains a challenge in digital services industries such as finance and telco as many of their products are interchangeable.

For example, many data packages for mobile plans serve the same customer needs and are substitutable. Determining which recommendations will be attractive for the customers while adding incremental value…

Saravanakumar Subramaniam, Principal Data Engineer, Matthieu Vautrot, Principal Data Engineer, Evangelos Theodoridis, Principal Data Engineer, QuantumBlack. With contributions from Toby Sykes, Global Head Of Data Engineering, QuantumBlack

Toby Sykes, Global Head Of Data Engineering, QuantumBlack

Last week marked the publication of the DataIQ 100, the annual list recognising the UK’s leading individuals working across data and analytics — and our own Toby Sykes, QuantumBlack’s Global Head of Data Engineering, was among them.

Toby has spent the last five years shaping and growing QuantumBlack’s worldwide data engineering operations. He’s earned a reputation for applying innovative data engineering to drive commercial success — and he has consistently championed the benefits…

A non-profit organisation shares how it is benefitting communities across LatAm using Kedro

Jo Stichbury, Technical Writer, Yetunde Dada, Principal Product Manager, QuantumBlack; Lais Carvalho — Developer Advocate

This conversation with Carlos Gimenez, founder of Open Data Science LatAm (ODESLA), is part of a global series to understand how Kedro is used around the world.

Carlos Gimenez is a pioneer for data science best-practices. He recognised how Kedro could benefit his teams soon after it was open sourced; and, introduced Kedro while he was at Naranja X and to his own organisation, Open Data Science LatAm (ODESLA).

Kedro is an open source Python framework that helps Data Scientists create reproducible, maintainable and modular…

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